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STS Team submit evidence to House of Lords


On 08 January 2013, the STS project team submitted written evidence to the House of Lords’ inquiry on the pre-emption of parliament. The evidence focused on organisational change in advance of legislation and drew on the initial findings of the Coalition government’s reforms.

In their submission, the team answer the following questions:

  • In what circumstances is it appropriate for the Government to change the structure of an organisation in the expectation that legislation will be passed?
  • Where organisational change is appropriate, what degree of change should be permitted? Are there any particular types of organisational alteration that should never be undertaken in advance of legislation?
The team also submitted supporting case studies on the following topics:
  • Preparing to abolish the Audit Commission
  • Preparing to close Regional Development Agencies
  • Proposed reform of NHS local commissioning in England

For more information about the House of Lords inquiry, please click here. For the document submitted by the STS team, please click here.

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